Sandeater Electric Fat bike Mid drive motor driven 1kw offer extra torque for people that may be carrying heavier loads (over 100kg in weight ) or who want a huge amount of Torque  – great for beaches, sand dunes  , any soft sand terrain and mountain trails.  The 4.0″ wide Fat tires crunch stones and debris absorbing shock and supplying a comfortable ride.


 If you weigh over 100kg and intend carrying extra weight such as fishing gear or pulling a trailer or OR if you just love that extra Torque for super steep terrain then the Mid drive ( 160nM of Torque ) is for you. 

e-fat bike

ElectrIc Fat bikes Mid drive 1kw South Africa

Drive system & electronic Specs: 

  • Motor : Bafang BBSHD 1000W/48V Planetary Gear Box Mid drive motor for Fat bikes.
  • Torque: 160nM
  • Technology : Pedelec and Throttle for overriding.
  • Frame-Fitting Battery :  Samsung 48v/11.6ah light weight lithium battery .Easy slip on slip off with lock and key. Remove and charge anywhere with normal wall socket.
  • Smart Charger – carry with you and easily charge your battery anywhere like a cell phone.
  • Thumb throttle  – if and when you want to over-ride the power assist and just throttle up to power . Helpful on steep hills when you first take off just to get going.
  • LCD Digital console – Backlit light for night riding , display of the speedometer , odometer for trip recordings , power assist level indicator , battery power indicator, time and temp. New USB port for charging cell phone on your handlebars. 
  • USB Charging Port  – charging LED Light , Ipad and phones .
  • PAS / Pedal assist –  9 levels of power assist to choose from. 1 being the least amount of power and 9 the highest and you can switch up or down as required depending on the steepness of the hill and the power you need.


  • Average speed 45km/h.
  • Average range 60km per charge.

Mechanical specs: 

  • Lightweight Hydroformed Aluminium Frame – strong and robust.
  • Rigid front fork –  fuss free maintenance .
  • Shimano drivetrain –  reliable for demanding Rough terrain or soft sand – beaches or dune riding.
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes –  stopping power and will not let you down on the steepest descents.
  • Selle Royal saddle which will keep you comfortable all day long.
  • 4 Inch wide tyres gives you the ability to ride over the most challenging surfaces.

Cool additional Upgrades and Gear Included:

  • Adjustable handlebar Stem: “Wake” brand –  60 degree adjustable
  • Grips: Leather comfort
  • Pedals : Wide platform Chromoly
  • Chainstay : Leather hand-stitched
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Comfort Memory foam
  • E-bike Chain: Yaban E-bike specific chromoly


Comfort & Convenience

LCD Display

Customizable LCD display screen with 9 levels of pedal assist.comfort saddle memory foam

Selle memory foam comfort saddle with cut out which improves blood flow in the groin area especially for long distance riding on an e-bike.

ebike adjustable stem

Adjustable stem raises your handlebars and places it in the right position to avoid discomfort in your hands, neck and back.

e-bike adjustable stem

60 degrees adjustable to fine-tune your sitting position.



New wide thumb throttle. Throttles are great if you ever need to override your Pedelec system for emergencies.

Soft rubber hand grips for absorbing shock while riding and avoiding pain or numbness.

Universal cell phone holder on your handlebars to charge while you ride.


48 hour e-bike money back guarantee

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