Partner with Chilled Squirrel Electric Bikes

Join South Africa's exciting super fast growing EV industry.

Chilled Squirrel is proud to be the only fully dedicated electric bicycle operations center in S.A involved in the conversion of normal bicycles to electric, building e-bikes from scratch and maintaining and servicing e-bikes.

  • Partner with an International company that not only has operations in S.A but in the world's leading Bicycle Manufacturing country - Taiwan.

  • Gain the necessary skills and know-how in building and converting bicycles to electric bicycles.

  • Learn how to Service and maintain a variety of different types of Electric Bicycles.

  • Learn e-bike fault-finding & repairs.

  • Join a reputable organization that will work with you and help you build your e-bike business one step at a time.

  • Have wholesale access to leading e-bike technologies - samsung and panasonic lithium batteries , mid drive and hub drives , all related electric bicycle components and gear.

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