Chilled Squirrels new compact high-powered

Electric folding bike


The combination of our new 'Chilli Power'  mid drive and 20" inch wheels is one of the most convenient and coolest ways of getting around. And what makes Zippy extra attractive is the convenience factor. You just put Zippy in your boot or in the corner of your office or at home. Use it to get around during lunch time or if you on holiday to cruise around the town or village area to the local grocery store ( we can put on a basket for you).  If you use public transport zippy can also easily folded up and be taken on a train or bus.  

electric folding bikes cape town south africa zippy
mid motor electric folding bicycle south africa chilled squirrel

Performance :  Average range per charge:  70km ;  Average speed : 32km/hour. 

  • Mid drive motor for extra power - no hill  in Cape Town that Zippy cannot go up! 
  • 5 levels of pedal assist - pedelec system means you choose the level of assistance you want. 
  • Throttle to over ride. Dont want to pedal?  Throttle away ! 
  • Modern LCD Display with USB charging for your cell phone. 
  • Samsung battery with USB port for charging your cell phone. 
  • Compact, light-weight , mobile and easy to fold up.