Who is Chilled Squirrel? 

We are a team of electric bicycle enthusiasts with related technical and mechanical knowledge .

What do we do?

We express our passion by Making and Building Electric bikes to suit different peoples requirements.

Why does it Matter ? 

When you invest in an e-bike with us we  serve you for life.  We can do that because we have our own operations in Taiwan and an in-house e-bike workshop and innovation center in South Africa offering on-going maintenance and service.

And you get a Life Time warranty on your e-bike motor drive system.

Safety, Comfort & Convenience.

We go the extra mile to ensure you ride in the best position for maximium comfort , safety and riding performance.  




Extra Padded comfort saddle with an oval shape cut-out to avoid chafing and ensure better blood flow while riding. 




LED safety Lights are Built-into the Rear of the Saddle. 

electric bicycle LED Light USB rechargeable
ebike comfort grips
cell phone holder for electric bicycles
electric bicycle kickstand
ebike mirrors chilled squirrel
combination ebike lock
water bottle cage for handlebars



Adjustable Handlebar stem. This raises the handlebars to a height which puts you in a better sitting position to avoid neck and lower back discomfort.


Super Bright Front USB Rechargeable LED Light that can be charged on the bike. 



Grips - super comfortable resin hand grips are fitted to ensure comfort over long rides.



Universal size adjustable Cell phone holder centrally placed for easy reading during riding. 



E-bike extra durable Kickstand for ensuring your electric bicycle stands up easily wherever you rest or park.




Electric Bike Safety Mirrors  




Extra High duty Cable Combination Lock 



Water Bottle cage Holder for Your handlebars - hydrate while riding.