Upgraded to 800W in January 2018  

Great for Light to medium rough Terrain - beaches , dunes and light trails.  Well padded seat and powerful motor make Sand Eater a very nice comfort commuter e-fat bike able to tackle steep hills and provide a smooth ride.  Suited to carrying a weight of up to 140kg.  

 light weight Alloy Frame 

Starting with a Hydro-Formed Alloy Frame. Choose the Specs that suit you best. Customise by adding Handmade locally made Leather Saddles, Grips and Bags. 


South African Handmade Leather ChainStay 

All E-bikes come with Chilled Squirrel's Signature Leather Chain stay protector. 

Power geared hub motor

Sand Eater's 500w electric hub motor (upgraded to 800w in 2018) is powerful enough to get you up the steepest of hills. The motor quietly whizzes along. Fitted with a 10 speed gear Lock-on cassette you change your gears as normal to get the extra power and speed you need. 


The motor is compact and fits snuggly into the rear wheel. It is fitted with reinforced stainless steel 13 gauge spokes for extra stability and strength. 



Light-weight Slip in & Slip out Locked in Samsung Lithium Battery with Rear LED Safety Light.


Centrally placed on your handlebars and back-lit for night riding you have access to multiple functions - odometer for trip distance recordings, speedo, daily temperature, time , battery level monitor. And there is a USB port for charging your cell Phone while you ride. 


Conveniently placed on your handlebars the power is in your hands. Simply turn it off and ride your bike as normal or turn the power. The up and down arrows on the console are for choosing the level of power you want. 


Super Bright Front ATV LED Light

Customizing ebikes cape town chilled squirrel conversions e-bikes

Maker Customization Culture Rules

Our specs are a guideline for you. You may change anything you like. An electric bike needs to suit your riding style and preferences .  It needs to match the type of terrain you want to ride on, distance you want to go and the weight that you want to carry.  There is no one size fits all. Flexibility to add on or take off stuff is key. 

Here are some considerations for what you may want to customize to create your ideal e-bike : 

  • Hub motor VS Mid Motor 
  • More powerful VS less power
  • Bigger battery VS smaller battery 
  • Air Shocks VS No Air Shocks
  • Leather tool bag VS Carry bag
  • Wider Tires VS Thinner tires
  • Rear rack battery VS frame battery 
  • Leather seat VS Fabric seat 
  • Leather grips VS Rubber grips
  • Tubeless VS Non Tubeless Tires 
  • Road Tires VS Off-road Tires
  • Add on a rear carrier or not

Welcome other customizing ideas you may have to share with our e-biking community. Give our artisans the challenge and Let them make it happen!