Lose Weight

It may come as a surprise to you that electric bicycles help people lose weight. In a 2016 New York Times article it it was stated that a study by the University of Colorado  showed that people who own an electric bike more motivated to ride their e-bike than people that own regular bicycles. More Fun More Riding = Lose more weight. 

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Get Exercise

In a research project led by the University of Brighton   it was shown that a lot more people got exercise when using an e-bike . Professor of Physical Activity for Health at the University of Edinburgh has no doubt that electric bicycles have a Life-enhancing role.

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Never be Left Behind

A lot of people use electric bicycles for keeping up with their partners who cycle. There is nothing better than riding together especially on longer rides. The electric power ensures you and your partner stick together! 

Experience Freedom and Relaxation  

Go further see more . Get to visit remote places that you normally would not have because distance or terrain. An electric bike is a wonderful  replacement for the boredom of a treadmill. You are outside breathing fresh air and getting to see and feel the outdoors - good for  mind and soul. You and your partner  get to share the outdoors in an extraordinary way. 


Easily commute to and from their work and home

E-biking is the new driving! You dont need to ride your electric bike everyday but it makes going to and from work a lot more fun. And when you want to run errands you get to do them in half the time. No parking problems. No traffic congestion. Fly by the cars during those bumper-to-bumper times of the day. 

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Rehabilitate your body after an injury

Please check with your Doctor before choosing to take on any form of rehabilitation. Electric bikes help a lot of people recover from injuries without putting excessive strain on joints and muscles. 

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