Tyrone - Workshop Leader

Tyrone comes from humble beginnings – His parents could not afford to buy him a bicycle as a kid.  At the age of 9 he started building bikes.He took his passion and love for bikes to the market and served the bicycle community in bike servicing , maintenance and customizations.

Tyrone began retrofitting bicycles and converting them into electric bikes 15 years ago. Electric bicycles for people with physical challenges . This gave him the opportunity to get an early start in electric bike customizations. Today his contributions are that of a master level e-bike Technician & Trainer.

Kohlwa - Experienced Technician

Kohlwa grew up in the Eastern cape just outside the city of East London. He had to walk over 10km per day to get to school without school shoes. His joy for bicycles , and his means of transport to school came when his parents bought him a BMX .

He has had a passion for riding, building and repairing bikes ever since. His attention to detail and love for what he does brings great value to our team.

Aghmad - Paint Shop Master

Aghmad treats each frame as a work of art. He Loves what he does and he does it with passion and it shows in his work. Aghmad lost his job when a car paint shop in Cape Town closed down. Aghmad believes "When one door closes another opens".

He was out of work for a while and we are grateful that the door opened for him at Chilled Squirrel.  He is now very much a part of the Chilled Squirrel family.

Gareth - Leather Goods Expert

Gareth’s background is in the architectural industry. When the company he was working for closed it's doors at the end of August 2013,  he saw the perfect opportunity to, along with his brother Gavin O'Brien, launch a company that they'd been dreaming of for a few years - Stockton Leather Goods in Woodstock. 

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