Early Bird Door-to-Door DTC (Direct to Customer) E-bike Delivery = Huge savings!


Airgreens is Chilled Squirrel's supply chain partner in Taiwan. In an effort to reduce emissions, costs and give those benefits to customers - the early bird E-bike Pre-Order program delivers State-of-the-Art electric bikes Door-to-Door anywhere in South Africa.Chilled Squirrel South African Electric bike service center provides customers with after-service which includes a 2 year warranty and a money-back guarantee!

The saved costs in the supply chain are given back to the customer by means of favourable pricing. No agents or distributors, no warehousing. These savings go back to our customers. By working on tight margins via a tightly managed lean supply chain we delight customers with the latest in e-bike technology at a much lower investment they would be getting elsewhere. 


In an effort to follow current DTC trends, Chilled Squirrel has partnered with Airgreen's in Taiwan. E-bikes are fitted with one of Europe's leading mid-drive systems. An Austrian-Taiwan Joint Venture company with state-of-the-art facilities in Taiwan produces 100% Waterproof mid drive motors that are completely integrated and built into the frame. 

e-bikes taiwan chilled squirrel airgreens
chilled squirrel mid drive motor MPF Taiwan

Unlike mid DIY mid motors , this mid drive system is on par with Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano in terms of being integrated into the frame. The results is a smoother         e-bike riding experience. 

Available on different types of e-bikes depending on your riding preference. City commuting , Off-road or Cruising electric bike models .

in 250w, 350w and 500w mid drive systems. 



Door-to-Door delivery - 2 Year Warranty - 2 Years Maintenance-Free , Full After-service in South Africa - Money Back Guarantee ( after receiving your e-bike just let us know within 2 days of receiving it that you are not happy and for whatever reason we will refund you in full after collecting from you. 

Choose an e-bike model that suits your riding preferences: City e-bikes mainly for commuting and road riding, Off-road EMTB's (electric mountain Bikes)  or E- Cruisers for light off-road and road cruising. If you are not sure which type of e-bike suits you best fill in Chilled Squirrel's e-bike evaluation form and our team will get back to you within 48 hours. 

electric fat bike

Electric fat bikes are All-Terrain type e-bikes. Sand dunes , Beaches, Mountains, City Urban cruising electric bikes - you name in the Electric Fat bike can ride just about anywhere. The fat tires have the advantage of providing a nice cushioning effect. 

electric bicycles chilled squirrel taiwan MPF door to door
EMTB Chilled Squirrel Airgreens Electric mountain bikes
emtb chilled squirrel electric mountain bikes taiwan south africa door to door delivery

Electric Mountain Bikes are also versatile. They may be ridden off-road or on-road. They wont be suitable for sand dunes and beaches but for serious e-mountain bike riding and getting around on the road they are perfect. 

Choose the e-bike  that suits you best or let our team point you in the right direction by filling in Chilled Squirrel's evaluation form. We will send you a detailed quotation with pics and specs of the e-bike that would best suit your riding preferences.  Please visit the online evaluation here. 

Choose the e-bike  that suits you best or let our team point you in the right direction by filling in Chilled Squirrel's evaluation form. We will send you a detailed quotation with pics and specs of the e-bike that would best suit your riding preferences. 

Please visit the online evaluation here. 

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Matt Leve supply chain Taiwan
electric bikes Taiwan south africa airgreens chilled squirrel

Directed by our own team members , Chilled Squirrel's Matt Leve manages R&D , manufacturing and supply chain at our Airgreen's Taiwan office. 

Early Bird Door-to-Door Delivery cuts out the fat and unnecessary costs from the supply chain creating a lean system. The result is: a much lower investment in a state-of-the-art  electric bike for our customers. No middleman , agent or distributors - DTC direct to consumer. Thanks to the internet and the incredible growth and improvements in 3rd party logistics the process is smooth and trouble-free. 

Order your e-bike today. Fill in this form below to let us know which e-bike interests you most. We will email you a detailed quotation and confirm a delivery time. 

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Early bird has a major price cost saving advantage as it is based on pre-order. However it will require a delivery of up to 60 days.
Chilled Squirrel has other e-bikes which are available sooner. Would you be interested to learn about these?
CITY / URBAN - mostly for commuting on the road. EMTB - Mostly Off Road and a bit of road riding. E-CRUISER - Light off-road and road cruising. HIGH SPEED - Super powerful and extra fast off or on-road.
Includes Door-to-Door Delivery. 2 Year warranty. 2 years maintenance-free ( service included) and money-back guarantee.

Taiwan is the Silicone valley of Bicycles. Our team works with the world's leading quality bicycle and electric bike parts and components to deliver state-of-the-art electric bicycle technologies.  

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New 2018 High speed and Super Powerful EMTB Plus bike

If you are looking for a more chilled commuting or e-bike riding system - Check out our New Slip on slip off E-bike wheel. More Info here.