Curtis Elliott & Marguerite Black

Curtis grew up in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, where he was able to witness the upcoming 80’s fads of Rubik’s cubes, competitive skateboarding, street BMX, and the dawn of windsurfing.A software developer by trade, and a creative at heart, Curtis has proven he has a natural talent for telling heartwarming stories through his use of video, photography and imagery.

Curtis’s fiancé, Marguerite, suffers from a degenerative neuro-muscular disorder that has her confined to a wheelchair. Marguerite loved cycling too, but with her loss of balance and weaker muscles, she had to surrender to two wheels of a different configuration.Curtis however, had the practical knowledge to get her cycling again, and together with Chilled Squirrel they retrofitted a three wheeler recumbent to electric for her.

Now Marguerite can exercise her legs and also keep up with Curtis on more adventurous rides.Marguerite has also noted an unexpected benefit to her electric recumbent; “Wheelchairs have such a negative connotation, and people never quite know how to react to its occupants, but on my recumbent, people are more open to me, never question my abilities, and assume I am just out cycling on my funky three wheeler.”

Leonie Mervis


For Leonie, environmentalist and founder of cycling advocacy organization Bicycle South, her e-bike represents the ultimate freedom of mobility. What started off as a way to flatten Cape Town’s hills on her commute, has opened up a whole new landscape of possibilities - enabling her to travel further and faster - taking her far beyond the city limits on bike camping trips and off-road adventures. Her Jack-of-all-trades e-bike is a gravel-grinding SOMA Wolverine, kitted out with a 350W Chilled Squirrel hub motor and expandable battery solution (delivering 50- 100km a charge) – powerful enough for loaded touring and yet light enough for everyday commuting. A versatile combination designed to see her though adventures great and small. 

Google South Africa invests in e-bikes from Chilled Squirrel

As part of the green movement and contribution to zero-emission forms of transport, Google Johannesburg invested in 2 awesome electric bikes from Chilled Squirrel. Google's member of staff at its JHB Offices are able to use the hybrid e-bikes to zip around town when needed.

The Kalahari Meerkat Project

Kalahari research center South Africa, Kuruman River Reserve uses a Chilled Squirrel electric fat bike in their meerkat research.

Thanks to: Dr D Gaynor & L Bliard

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