Who is Chilled Squirrel & What do we do?

The Chilled Squirrel team – scattered from Taipei to Cape town – is united under the banner of badass. We unleash our team of South African artisans, mechanics, and citizen tinkerers on the bikes, turning them into the most incredible custom rat rides you could imagine. Pedal power is augmented with Squirrel-spec high torque electric motors.

We Custom-Build electric bikes for all types of African terrain, rolling our each highly customized bike one at a time. Proudly building complete e-bikes and  converting normal bicycles to Electric in South Africa.

Join in our passion for Adventure and Exploration that e-biking is all about.

Bike in workshop

Our chunky electric bikes are for all types of terrain

Extra wide tires absorb vibration and shock scrunching debris, gravel or tar under their hummer-type tires. Fitted with the latest technology powerful mid drive or hub drive systems you'll be sure to have power on hills when you need it the most.

What we see in the Maker Movement, is that a relatively small amount of people can have a big impact. You don’t necessarily need the worlds largest company behind you.

Dale Dougherty

We start with a matte black frame - then things get interesting!

In our support and passion for Local Maker Culture and the creation of meaningful jobs. South African Artisans are unleashed on our electric fatties. The Result is a range of awesome leather Gear, Hand-stitched saddles, leather grips and chain-stays and a collection of handmade leather bags.

Explore options by checking out some of our past e-bike conversions.

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